Welcome to a website designed to show you through
various methods just how invaluable this clever little Craft Robo machine

With the release of the new Silhouette Cameo cutter/plotter the
excitement within the Crafting Community is uncontainable. Here is the
machine we've all been waiting for! 12 inch cutting width, yipee!

I have been crafting for about five years now. I started with
Scrapbooking and then quickly diversified into Card Making. I am a self
confessed Craftaholic and since purchasing my Craft Robo my crafting
continues to reach new levels day by day.

The beauty of these little machines is that there are no limits as to what
you can achieve as anything you design can be cut or drawn by the
Craft Robo. The only limits that will apply will be the limits of your own

Why choose the Craft Robo?

When I purchased my Craft Robo I was looking for something that I
could use to personalise my cards. I wanted something that would
replace the generic peel offs that we all use. I wanted a totally different
and professional look, one where people would say "WOW how has she
done that?". I have certainly achieved those sorts of comments since
having my machine.
The bonus for me though was the cutting ability of "Robbie" (my pet
name for him!) I just hadn't realised what this superb little machine was
capable of.

If you want to take your crafting to the next level you will not be
disappointed with a Graphtec Cutter/Plotter.
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